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Wireless is essentially defined as the cloud-based transmission or communication of information over a certain distance. Because the information is transferred this way, wires are not needed. However, as wonderful as a world without wires may seem, it is difficult to go completely wireless, and honestly, there are few things that can actually perform better wirelessly. It is recommended, that when you have the chance to, go wired. Wires can always be hidden and are not affected by Wi-Fi outages. Learn More

Yes. We have over 20 years of experience in the industry and working with nearly every brand there is. If your designs for a home theater surround sound system require additional products, we’ll let you know and leave it up to you to approve ordering the additional items.

Yes, we offer a one-year warranty for all products that we sell and for a one-year workmanship warranty for all installations we complete.

Yes. We recommend customers contact us prior to purchasing any in-store products or services to guarantee they get the best products for their home theater or commercial audio video set up. We don’t want you to be talked into a 7.1 surround sound when your living room or office better suits a 5.1 surround sound system.


We are a family owned and operated business. We have provided thousands of happy customers with quality installations and technical service for over 20 years. We sell, install, and warranty our products and workmanship. We are always excited to meet new customers and turn them into our repeat customers. We are proud to also receive many referrals from our customers. David, owner and operator of Media 1 Solutions, is very particular about the treatment of our customers and their homes. Our professionals will wear shoe covers in your home, keep our tools on drop cloths, not your furniture, vacuum up our dust, and leave our work space cleaner than when we arrived. We are here to ensure that you enjoy your home and office audio video day after day for years to come. We appreciate your business.


You may ask yourself, why not hire an installer from a big box store or a cable TV installer? There are always exceptions, but often times, these employees are under trained, under paid, lack professionalism, and in a hurry to get a job done and get paid. If you choose to hire one of these technicians for your audio video needs, there is the possibility you would need to call us in the end because you may not get the quality audio video experience you had hoped and paid for.


These guys did an awesome job setting up the sound system in my whole house. My wife listens to her own music while in the kitchen and I can listen to something else in my office without having to hear hers. Or her, mine!
Stu Cazz
Stu Cazz