Considering expanding your current home theater or home audio system? Or perhaps you’d like to have your break room connected to your current retail sound system set up. We can asses your current audio and video system design and find the best way to expand upon it, providing you with the entertainment need you desire.

We can expand your audio and video system by:

  • Installing speakers or mounting TVs in another room
  • Installing additional speakers in the wall or ceiling
  • Mounting additional TVs in the same room
  • Expand your indoor surround sound system to an outdoor patio
  • Installing TVs to your outdoor area
  • Installing a surround sound system to your business’s front entrance
  • Mounting TVs in your business’s front lobby or patio area.

Of course, we’ll ensure that all additional sound and video are all interconnected so you can continue to operate them from the same universal remote or device. If your system does not operate on a single device or universal remote, we can help upgrade your system, so you can enjoy the convenience a universal remote brings.

We also provide in depth analysis and review of current systems to locate and isolate system issues. Once the issues have been identified, we’ll review them with you along with the best course of action to repair, update, and recalibrate your system so that it performs optimally for your, or your guest’s enjoyment.