Have you notice that your system does not sound as high quality as a friend’s or not as good as it may have sounded before you moved? Oftentimes, when individuals move or purchase a new audio and video system, something is done incorrectly during the installation process. Whether you installed it yourself, hired another company, or took advantage of the installation services from the electronic store you bought your system from, if you noticed that your system isn’t working up to par, give us a call.

During a poor or novice installation, devices are not properly synchronized in order to function correctly together. If this step is missed during the installation process it can lead to poor sound or visual quality. It can easily be remedied but difficult to locate the exact issue if you are unfamiliar with the brands or products.

Hiring a professional Approved Service Provider technician from Media 1 Solutions can help save you time and get you the perfect sound and audio system you were hoping to achieve.

We will run a full analysis on your system to pinpoint the exact issue of concern. If we encounter other errors, we will inform you before performing any tasks. We are always upfront about our pricing and service charges and are happy to come out and give you a quote. Contact a service tech at (813)741-9059 or fill out the form to the right to get your audio system back to optimal functioning.