Audio and Video Troubleshooting

If your sound system is fading in and out or your video feed (like your TV screen) is flickering or freezing, don’t rush out and get a whole new system thinking yours is on its deathbed. Most surround sound systems and video components can actually last decades. That’s why, even today, you can still see those old big box TVs being practically given away on for-sale sites – they are still working (even if the technology is far outdated)!!

Contact our support line at (813) 741-9059 and see what we can do to help troubleshoot your issue and get your audio and video system back up and running and lasting for years to come – or at least until it’s really time to upgrade to keep up with the technological changes.

Audio and Video Calibration

Audio and Video Calibration is an important final step in any home theater installation or in any home or commercial speaker installation, surround sound system installation, or any other audio and video system set up. It is what helps each of your devices perform as best as it should within your audio and video system.

This step is often missed and/or done incorrectly during novice installations or from audio and speaker installers sent by the store you purchased your items from. Many individuals don’t even know that their system is not properly calibrated if they have not heard or seen their system perform any better.

It often comes to light when another issue arises, or when the person feels that since their system “isn’t good” that they will upgrade and have a professional handle the upgrading. When we arrive and perform our initial consultation and analysis we often find the other issue is caused or made worse by the lack of proper calibration or we end up saving our customers a lot of money by not having to upgrade unnecessarily.

If you feel that your system is underperforming, you may just need a system calibration. Give us a call to find out what your best solution is.