Sick of seeing the wires from your speakers, gaming system, Blu-ray, or TV sticking out from behind your TV stand? Want better cable and wire management, not just for the look but also for the practicality? We’ve got you covered!

We can re-route your cables and wires to provide a cleaner entertainment area. We can do this one of two ways: with exposed wire relocation/wire management or with hidden wire relocation

Exposed Wire Relocation with Proper Cable Management

Perfect for the individual who is sick of the tangles of cords and wires and needs someone to reconnect everything properly and neatly. We’ll disconnect and re-set up your entire entertainment system. By doing this, we untangle your mass of wiring and can keep better control of where and how wires are placed and properly connect and bundle them as we go.

This means that the cables and wires behind your TV stand won’t be a big mass of black snaking wires anymore. Instead they be neatly organized and bundled to 1.) provide a clean and aesthetically pleasing look and 2.) prevent a cord or wire from getting disconnected by accident. You can disguise the exposed wires with crown molding or even PVC pipes, painted to match your walls.

Hidden Wire Relocation

We can also take your wire management a step further and hide the wires from view by disconnecting your entertainment system and rerouting all of the wiring behind the walls or through the attic crawlspace just above your ceiling. This gives you the closest look to a wireless set up without actually going completely wireless.