Our Audio and Video Installation experts are highly skilled with decades of experience and knowledge to help them handle any audio or video entertainment installation in your home. Need a new or updated surround system or complete home theater before the big game day or the holidays when you’ll have many guests to entertain? Don’t worry, Media 1 Solutions has you covered!

We understand what it takes to set up a home theater correctly, so you get the best audio and video from your speakers and TV set ups. We can even install your speakers in the wall or ceiling to give it a more updated look. From wireless to fully wired options, any home theater design you imagine, we can create.

Here are some of the services we offer for Home Theater Installation:

TV Installation

We’ll take care of the heavy lifting and mounting work. We will install the mounting hardware and mount your TV up on the wall or if you have a TV stand or cabinet we’ll get the television set up for viewing.

Home Theater And Flat Panel Installations

Our home theater installation will get your home theater system installed and set up correctly, so you can immediately start watching your favorite shows, movies, or the big game with optimal audio and video. We can set up your current system or provide advice on products and purchase them for you. We will order and deliver your new products right to your home.

  • Conduct a room survey and analysis.
  • Provide product advice and recommendations.
  • Mount the TV in your desired location or where it will provide optimal viewing results.
  • Mount and install your speakers on the wall or ceiling.
  • Connect all of your new and existing components.
  • Conduct proper wire management for a clean viewing area.
  • Provide a full system optimization.
  • Ensure all systems function as designed.
  • Give you a One-on-One system and remote guide.

Custom Home Theater Installation

We can also install a custom home theater design to suit your specific need. Just dream it, and our experts will do it. Let us help you create your movie palace void of noise but enticing sounds that keep you and your guests enthralled during the game, big movie release, or during one of your regular full season binge-watches.

Following our installations, we’ll give you a complete run down on how to operate your new system. You’re welcome to take notes or even record us if you are afraid of forgetting – but it is rather simple to ensure any of our valued clients can operate it.