Do you want to enjoy music on the patio or by the pool or while you’re outside gardening? We perform Outdoor Audio Design and Installation to give you the sound system you’ve always wanted.

Our Outdoor Sound System Installation Includes:

  • Outdoor Audio Consultation and Design: Before diving right into installing speakers, we’ll first determine what type of outdoor audio system you need. Not all speakers are built the same. If your primary design for your outdoor sound system is to blare party music at your next cookout or pool party, you’ll want speakers that can handle ‘all that bass’ and produce a clear sound quality for all of your guests to enjoy. If you just want to play your favorite tunes quietly while gardening or want some hidden speakers for cool effects come Halloween, we can help you select outdoor speakers that will work best for that.
  • Product Advice and Ordering Assistance: Once we know what your intent is for your outdoor system, we’ll show you several products that can suit your needs. We can work with and sell products from nearly every brand in the industry. We can help you order the products you’ll need (product sold separately from installation service). And yes, since they are outdoor specific speakers – they can handle the wet Florida weather!
  • Unpack and Inspect Audio Components: When your outdoor speakers arrive, we’ll take them out of the box and inspect for any flaws.
  • Mount Speakers On/In Walls of Patio Area: Once the outdoor speaker system has passed our inspection, we’ll get to work installing them! Depending on the speakers you selected, they’ll be installed in or on the wall or ceiling of your patio or porch area, or they’ll be disguised in your garden, looking like rocks!
  • Connect Speakers to Audio Receiver: After the outdoor sound system is completely installed, we’ll run the wires (don’t worry, they’ll be hidden!) to the audio receiver inside and get everything connected.
  • System Synchronization and Calibration: Then we perform one of the most important steps – the synchronization of all of your devices and calibrate the speakers and sound system so that the sound comes out of each speaker the way it was designed to. Providing you and your guests an enjoyable audio experience.
  • Work Area Clean Up: This should be a given – of course we clean up after ourselves!
  • Free System Tutorial: We’re done but now it’s your turn to do some work, or rather learning. We’ll walk you through your new system and show you how to work it.

Other Outdoor Audio and Video Services

Why stop at just audio installation? Watch the game poolside or your favorite cooking show by your outdoor kitchen and bar. Entertain guests with TVs on the patio or just enjoy a night under the stars with your favorite rom-com while relaxing in the jacuzzi. Our professional TV and Audio installers can help transform your outdoor space into a more enjoyable and technology-friendly area.