You just upgraded your new TV to a bigger and better television – why struggle getting it installed when you can have a professional come to set it up. We’ll get it out of the box, inspect it for any flaws, and connect it to all of your other electronic components (like your gaming system or Blu-ray). We can set it up on your current TV stand or mount it on the wall.

During our TV wall mounting services, we’ll measure, make our marks, drill the holes, and install your wall mount bracket. Next, we’ll secure the television to the wall mount and ensure the angle is just right.

Once complete, we’ll hook up all of your wiring and reconnect all of your devices, like your gaming system or Blu-ray player. We also perform a full system calibration so that your sound and visual experience is the best it can be.

If you are only considering your options and have not yet made a buying decision we can help you select the best new TV for your home. And great news! If you decide to purchase the TV and installation through us, we will deliver it to your home for no additional fee. We can perform a home analysis to ensure you pick the right TV for the size of the room. You don’t want a TV that is too small and difficult to see if you have an extra-large living room and your couch puts you further away from the screen.

Our knowledgeable installers can also help you decide where to put your TV for optimal viewing. You may think a wall is just a wall, but our professionals take the lighting (natural and artificial), size, and furniture placement into consideration to ensure your television goes in the best place possible. However, there’s no need to go rearranging your home – we’ll install it wherever you like.