If you’re a home owner who is fan of quality electronics looking to create a mini cinema for yourself so that you can have the best visual and audio experience right at the tip of your fingers, then having your home theater installed correctly is an important first step to your viewing experience.

Installing your home theater correctly may seem like something that anyone with general knowledge about electronics can handle but it can turn into a daunting task that is too much for a home owner to handle themselves. Who should you call? The store you purchased your system from, a group of tech-savvy individuals who may or may not actually have any experience or educational training on your specific brands or service needs, or a true professional who is considered an ASP by the brands and products you purchased. ASP stands for Approved Service Provider, meaning the individual has proven to their experience and knowledge to be working on such devices.

Installing a home theater can be done incorrectly by someone with minimal experience and knowledge, leading to poor quality video and sound. Although the store you purchased your home theater surround sound system from says that their in-house group of home theater installers can handle your installation needs, they may not actually be able to do so. Most are young, inexperienced individuals who received some basic training about installing TVs and speakers. Some may even have an education in technology. However, their generalized training leaves room for errors. These errors may include a home theater sound system that is not properly calibrated (so all parts of your systems work together) or not calibrated at all.

You might have been lucky enough to get a decent individual to install your new home theater system from the store or from the tech-savvy companies but installing a home theater surround sound system requires precision, experience, and sufficient understanding of each component and how they work.

You have decided to create a long-lasting audio and video experience and have already invested a lot of money into your system. Don’t throw any more money down the drain by hiring the wrong person to set up your home theater system.

You should hire an Approved Service Provider over any store bought installation for the following reasons:

The experience

There’s always a difference between having done it professionally from a knowledgeable expert and a part time or minimum wage employee from a box store. When you hire from the box store, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be bad, but “not bad” doesn’t make the cut for installing a top notch indoor home theater system. Professional Approved Service Providers, like Media 1 Solutions, take the time to do it right because it’s who we are.

Installation and Neatness

When it comes to professional installation, you don’t have to worry about a messy bundle of cables. We take pride in our work, which means we do all that we can to ensure your wires and cables are neatly bundled together, or at best, behind the walls to give your home a better look. In addition, all of our Approved Service Providers arrive with all tools necessary to get the job done and will never lay any of those tools down on your couch or other furniture. We bring our own work mat to place our tools to reduce the chance of dirtying your home. We also come with shoe covers to keep from tracking in any dirt.

Design and Speaker Placement

Media 1 Solutions Audio Professionals will assess the layout of your home before starting work. They will address space optimization issues to ensure the proper placement of each and every speaker and associated component. Also, they will analyze the room, sitting arrangement, and a number of other factors that could affect your visual or audio experience. As installation experts, we know that the wrong connection, calibration, or placement of a single speaker can upset the whole audio system.

Peace of Mind and Less Time

It is apparent that the more you perform a task, the less time you will require to complete the task. With over 20 years in the industry, we have installed thousands of speakers and created hundreds of home theater surround sound systems.

With a store bought installation, you don’t know the experience you are getting. It doesn’t compete with the knowledge an Approved Service Provider comes equipped with. With an Approved Service Provider, you can rest assure that when we leave, your system is properly installed, configured, and calibrated for the best results.

Quality Service and Warranties

We also provide a one-year workmanship warranty on all of our installs and a full one-year warranty on any products you purchase through us. We are dedicated to our clients and believe in providing outstanding customer service that won’t nickel and dime you. We also provide phone support 7 days a week. If you have an issue,we’ll attempt to provide you with free troubleshooting advice over the phone. We will walk you through how to correct simple issues, so you can avoid the cost of a service visit for something as easy to fix as a loose wire.