Ever wished the music playing in your living room could also sound in the kitchen, play room, or even outdoors? Our whole home audio and video integration can help connect your whole home under a single system and operate it from one simple source.

Our professional Approved Service Providers (ASP) can help you:

  • Synch all of your devices so that you can start one show in your bedroom and resume it in the living room.
  • Connect your DVR, gaming system, Blu-ray player, television, and stereo system so you can easily control each and switch from one to the other.
  • Calibrate your audio and video systems for the best sound and visual effects.
  • Network all sound, audio, and digital entertainment systems together.
  • Control your audio and video systems with your smartphone or tablet.
  • Install and calibrate individual speakers or a full surround sound system.
  • Install and calibrate your outdoor speaker sound system.
  • Conceal wires and provide proper cable management
  • Setup or mount your TV, speakers, and sound bars.

Contact Media1 Solutions to have a skilled, professional ASP with over 20 years of experience in the industry come to your aid to provide you with whole home audio and video integration.