Speaker Installation

We can install any number of speakers you’d like, whether you need just one or two put up or need a full 5.1 surround sound system installed.

Hidden Wiring Speaker Installation

We can also take your wire management a step further and hide the wires from view by routing all wiring behind the walls or through the attic crawlspace just above your ceiling. This gives you the closest look to a wireless set up without actually going completely wireless.

Wireless Speaker Installation

Want to go “wireless”? We provide wireless speaker installation services to give you the neat and clean (wire-free) entertainment area you’ve always wanted.

We can install the speakers you have already purchased in the wall or ceilings, so they blend better with your décor or we can help you select wireless speakers that will best suit your audio needs and room layout. Once the speakers are installed, we’ll make sure they are all connecting properly with your audio receiver and are properly calibrated to provide optimal audio satisfaction.

We should mention that, technically, wireless speakers do have wires. You may find this quite the paradox, but residential and commercial wireless speakers operate differently than wireless Bluetooth speakers that run on batteries or occasionally need to be plugged in to charge. Wireless speakers come with a power cord to keep power constantly running to it – you’ll never need to change the batteries or have to “charge” it. But don’t fret – when we install the wireless speakers in the wall or ceiling, we run this cord behind the wall/through the attic crawl space and connect it to your power source (an outlet near the audio receiver). You’ll never see the wires from your device poking out from behind your TV stand.

The “wireless” aspect of a wireless speaker refers to the way that the wireless speaker communicates with the audio receiver (the device that tells your speaker what sound to produce). Traditional speakers are connected to the audio receiver with wires. Wireless speakers communicate over radio waves and do not require wires to connect with the audio receiver.